Morten Rongaard

Morten Rongaard

CEO, Reality+


Morten Rongaard is the CEO and co-founder of Reality +. He is a recognized NFT OG, pioneering in the fields of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and AR. Morten is an Investor, and Speaker featured at various conferences and events around the world on those topics. 
By combining his rare skill of creative thinking with financial acumen, Morten is leading Reality + to become a hugely successful sustainability platform. He is also a board member of the Nordic Blockchain Association and holds various positions as an advisor, offering his experience and insights that extend across the web3 space.


CEO, Reality+
Board member, Nordic Blockchain Association
Member of Scandinavian Cryptocurrency Director Group
Founder, Wehoo
Join Asia-Japan Biggest Web3 Alliance (Membership Open)