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Welcome to the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan, where borders blur and innovation thrives. Our Alliance serves as a pivotal bridge connecting the vibrant Web3 ecosystem of Asia with the dynamic business landscape of Japan.

Bringing Asia’s Web3 Ecosystem Together with Japan

Asia Web3 Alliance Japan is your strategic partner in bridging the divide between Asian and Japanese markets, offering a multitude of opportunities for growth, innovation, and success. Join us today to unlock the full potential of the Web3 industry in this dynamic landscape.

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Board Members
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Gathering the world’s top Web3 and blockchain experts on a single platform.

Board Members

Taketo Nakanishi


Sandy Carter

Chief Operating Officer, Unstoppable Domains

Patrick Hillmann

Chief Communications Officer & Chief Strategy Officer at Binance

Morten Rongaard

CEO, Reality+

Luke Soon

Partner, PwC

Leo Mizuhara

Founder & CEO, Hashnote

Jamie Kingsley

COO & Co-Founder, The PR Genius

David Palmer

Chief Product Officer, PairPoint | Blockchain Lead, Vodafone Business

CA Aishwary Gupta

Global Head Payment & FinTech/Ecosystem BD Head India, Polygon Labs

Brian McGleenon

Anchor/ Journalist, Yahoo Finance | Host, The Crypto Mile

Our Mission

At Asia Web3 Alliance, we are committed to fostering collaboration, growth, and innovation in the Web3 industry. Our primary objectives include:

Facilitating Connections:

We bring together Web3 companies, entrepreneurs,
investors, and professionals from Asia and Japan to
create a thriving network of collaboration.

Supporting Market Entry:

We assist businesses in navigating the complexities of
entering the Japanese market, providing guidance on
regulations, legal frameworks, and cultural nuances.

Advocacy and Education:

Asia Web3 Alliance advocates for the Web3 industry, working closely with regulators and policymakers. We also provide educational resources to keep our members informed and up-to-date.

Company Formation:

Our experts streamline the process of setting up your
business in Japan, ensuring a smooth and compliant

Business Growth:

We offer resources, mentorship, and opportunities for Web3 companies to scale and expand their operations, tapping into the Japanese market’s potential.

Cross-Border Synergy

Asia Web3 Alliance facilitates cross-border synergy, allowing Asian and Japanese companies to tap into each other’s strengths, technologies, and markets. Benefit from the diverse perspectives and innovations of both

Regulatory Insights

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of Japan can be challenging. We offer deep insights and guidance, helping both Asian and Japanese companies adhere to local regulations and compliance requirements.

Cultural Understanding

Understand the nuances of Japanese business culture with our support. For Japanese companies, gain access to the diverse cultures and markets of Asia, paving the way for international growth.

Tailored Solutions

We address the specific needs of members with interactive discussions and support, whether to establish a presence in Japan or expand influence across Asia.

Market Expansion

For Asian companies, Japan represents a vast and technologically advanced market. Joining our alliance provides you with a gateway to expand your business into a thriving Japanese ecosystem.

Advocacy and Representation

Benefit from our advocacy efforts, ensuring that the interests of Web3 companies in both Asia and Japan are represented and protected on a broader scale.

Networking Opportunities

Our alliance opens doors to an extensive network of industry leaders, investors, and peers, enabling you to forge valuable partnerships, collaborations, and investments.

Principles of Asia Web3 Alliance Japan

Ethical Innovation

We are committed to ethical innovation in the Web3 space. This means promoting responsible development, adherence to regulations, and a commitment to ethical business practices. Our members are encouraged to innovate responsibly, keeping the long-term sustainability and societal impact of their technologies in mind.


Inclusivity is a core value at Asia Web3 Alliance. We welcome companies of all sizes, backgrounds, and stages of development. Our alliance is a place where diversity is celebrated, and every member’s voice is heard. Inclusivity fosters a rich and dynamic ecosystem where different perspectives and ideas can flourish.


Asia Web3 Alliance is founded on the principle of collaboration. We believe that by working together, companies from across Asia and Japan can achieve more significant innovations and greater success. We encourage our members to collaborate, share knowledge, and build partnerships that drive the Web3 industry forward.

  • Business Collaboration support
  • Business Formation In Japan
  • Business Visa Support
  • Community Building
  • Investor Hub


the process of our Asia Web3 Alliance Japan- (AWAJ )

Year 2023: Building Foundations

Till 2023

Year 2024: Growth and Expansion

Year 2024

Year 2025: Global Impact

Year 2025
Till 2023

Year 2023: Building Foundations


  • Establish Asia Web3 Alliance Japan as a recognized entity under Japanese regulations.
  • From the initial core team, including Board Members and Committee Leads.
  • Launch the official website and initiate an online presence.
  • Develop and publish the internal structure document, outlining association roles and responsibilities.
  • Reach out to potential Board Members and Committee Leads.Finalize the selection of Board Members and Committee Leads.
  • Initiate connections with Web3 companies across Japan and the wider Asian region.
  • Start discussing regulation collaboration with the Japanese government.
  • Secure partnerships with global Web3 alliances.
  • Launch the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan membership program.
Year 2024

Year 2024: Growth and Expansion

Q1 2024

    • Commence full-fledged regulatory discussions with the Japanese government.
    • Begin establishing connections with Web3 companies in individual Asian countries.
    • Strengthen the internal structure and workflow of the association.

Q2 2024

    • Launch initiatives to promote Web3 adoption and awareness in Japan.
    • Continue negotiations with governments in Asian countries for regulatory cooperation.
    • Organize events and webinars to foster Web3 knowledge and connections.

Q3 2024

    • Host the inaugural Asia Web3 Awards to recognize achievements in the Web3 space.
    • Issue the first edition of the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan magazine.
    • Expand the membership program and attract global participation.

Q4 2024

    • Promote knowledge sharing between countries and companies.
    • Collaborate with international Web3 alliances on initiatives.
    • Plan for the expansion of the Asia Web3 Awards.
Year 2025

Year 2025: Global Impact

Q1 2025

    • Consolidate partnerships with governments in the Asian region.
    • Strengthen collaboration with global Web3 alliances.
    • Continue hosting regular Asia Web3 Awards.

Q2 2025

    • Expand the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan membership base.
    • Issue the second edition of the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan magazine.
    • Develop initiatives to support Web3 companies and foster innovation.

Q3 2025

    • Collaborate with global and regional regulatory bodies to set standards.
    • Organize an annual Asia Web3 Summit to bring the Web3 world together.
    • Establish Web3 innovation hubs across Asia.

Q4 2025

    • Celebrate the successful journey and impact of Asia Web3 Alliance Japan.
    • Plan for future growth and collaboration.
    • Ensure the sustainability of the Asia Web3 Awards.



This updated roadmap reflects the hosting of the inaugural Asia Web3 Awards in Q3 2024 and the issuance of two editions of the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan magazine each year. It continues to emphasize the goal of connecting countries, companies, and governments in the Web3 space and promoting innovation and cooperation in the Asian region.

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